Individual and Team Fundraising

Are you planning an event to support our mission of affordable housing? Are you a supporter of our mission but would prefer not to swing a hammer? You are in luck!! We need both volunteer time and financial support to be successful. The financial support through fundraising events and individual donations helps pay for building materials used to complete Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley construction and rehabilitation projects.


We have developed a new fundraising site through FirstGiving. Individuals can go to the site and set up a “grass roots” fundraising page. For corporate groups coming for a build day, you can set up a team event to advertise your build day and use the page as a fundraising tool as well. You also might consider requesting a dollar amount for every wall you think you can build or piece of drywall you intend to hang. Be creative!!


To access our FirstGiving page, click on the button below to get started. If you would like to discuss fundraising ideas, whether on an individual, group, or larger event level, feel free to give us a call at 847-836-1432.